Running Paso Bamboo Farm & Nursery allows the entire Gavino Villa family an excellent opportunity to institute many green business practices. Fertilization and soil enrichment for the Bamboo comes from using local recycled horse manure and pine shavings. Selective yearly harvesting of some Bamboo plants into pots encourages their Bamboo forest groves to remain vibrant as a delightful habitat for literally thousands of birds. We recycle Bamboo canes to make our farm support buildings plus we harvest canes for sale for uses such as fishing poles and many crafty Bamboo projects. The farm re-uses the 5-15 gallon pots that hold 6’-30’ tall Bamboo plants for sale or to transport for installations. Our irrigation methods are very water-wise since once established Bamboo needs less irrigation than comparably sized trees and plants. Our family farm/nursery supports community outreach by conducting free Bamboo grove tours to school children, garden clubs, civic organizations, scouting groups and others educating about Bamboo’s many environmental ecological benefits. Visitors have a heightened appreciation of nature as they experience a true Bamboo forest. Shallow-rooted completely renewable Bamboo plants give off more O2 than any other plant on earth, sequester carbon dioxide and can serve as wind breaks, control soil erosion while conserving biodiversity. Customers use Bamboo plantings to effectively provide cooling shade for outdoor entertainment/relaxation areas or to create privacy “fencing” using multiple plants assembled linearly to “screen out” or hide “too visible neighbors” or unwanted views. By using tall Bamboo plants to establish the desired “fence” height the very first day of installation and for its super fast growth, customers take advantage of a sustainable, ecological landscape choice contributing to the overall health of the area environment. Businesses are including “green solutions” in their business models and renovations/expansions using Bamboo plantings to help solve aesthetic, sound, noise, shade, climate and water usage issues. The Villa family’s Paso Bamboo Farm & Nursery is pleased to be part of these “greening” efforts.