Recently Paso Robles was featured as the #15 Holiday Hotspot in the World by The Guardian online. Below you will see an excerpt from the article. To see the full article, click here.

15. Paso Robles, California, US

Napa and Sonoma wine-tasting rooms can get crammed with cheesy honeymooners but Paso Robles attracts an earthier oenophile – which isn't to say that the wine's not excellent. Dubbed "the anti-Napa", Paso is slowly transforming into one of America's foodiest little towns.

"You can feel the energy," says Steve Heimof of Wine Enthusiast Magazine, which recently named Paso Robles wine region of the year. "Over the past two years these winemakers have been making crazy, wild blends of red. It would be hard to do that in Napa: it's so traditional there."

Since 2000, the number of wineries has quadrupled to 200 (sample top zinfandels and red blends at Dusi Vineyard or Epoch Wines , and while it seems a new chef moves in from LA or San Francisco every few months, an "old" favourite restaurant (circa 2006) is Artisan, famous for decadent lamb-leg dip and Cuban sandwiches.

"It's been exploding – for good and ill," says Jon Bonné, wine editor for the San Francisco Chronicle. "There's more tourist infrastructure – restaurants, small bakeries, places aimed at visitors who might not have appreciated Big Bubba's Bad to the Bone BBQ."