The Brian Waterbury is one of my very favorite runs.  This year will mark my fourth time running this race, however, it marks the 41st anniversary of the Rock to Pier Run.  I love this run because the energy out on the beach in the morning is vivacious and exciting with a zero intimidation factor.  I started running races about four years ago and this was my very first "race".  I was training with the Team in Training organization for a half marathon and this was a practice run for us to get some experience about what it is like to prepare and run a real race.  I remember being slightly intimidated but everyone was so welcoming and encouraging that all my nerves went away as soon as we arrived at the rock.  All kinds of folks were there running and walking; all ages from 5 to 85.

This race begins at Morro Rock just before the lowest point of low tide (this year that happens to be 8:30 AM) and ends at the Cayucos Pier.  The run is about 6 miles in length and the hard packed sand is easy on the knees making the run a good one for all body types.  And the best part is there is no time limit and lots of folks are just walking... like I said, this run is easy and fun!  Did I mention how gorgeous the scenery is?  Mellow Morro waves, an endless beach and a long pier that gets more clear with each step you take... I love it when the pier comes in sight because all of a sudden your goal is right there cheering you on.  Post race (after you feel awesome for finishing) a variety of sponsors greet you with a breakfast party.

My first race and one of my very favorites!  It doesn't get better than running along the gem of beaches on the Central Coast.

 Written by Kari Kittinger of Clayhouse Wines