An Interview with Luke Udsen, Mr Beaverstock

(From Left to Right: Luke, singer-songwriter Sean Hayes, and Luke’s girlfriend Lauren)

Beaverstock is a one-of-a-kind music festival started right here on the Central Coast. Music, arts, and community converge as well-known and local bands come together in support and benefit of the Templeton Education Foundation. In its third year, Beaverstock has garnered such headliners as Dawes and WAR amongst other local favorites such as The Typsy Gypsies and The Mother Corn Shuckers. Feet tired from dancing to the music? For a change of pace mosey over to view varying works of art or even make your own, then relax under the shade trees and partake in a relaxing yoga session. Let your taste buds have a little fun as well with everything from local craft beer and cider, to delicious food trucks, and some dam fine wine from Castoro.

Because we are so excited about this year’s Beaverstock lineup we decided to get to the core of the event by featuring a one-on-one interview with Luke Udsen, Castoro Cellars’ California Sales and Marketing Representative and Director of Social Media. But more importantly, he is Beaverstock’s biggest proponent and co-founder.

We learned so much about Beaverstock from Luke and hope you enjoy learning more from him as well:

1. How did Beaverstock get started?

Beaverstock was first started in 2013 as a celebration of 30 years in business. As we were approaching the 30 year milestone as a winery we wanted to do something special to give back to the community that has supported us over the years and to our members who mean the world to us. Live music and community engagement have always been a part of Castoro so it just seemed like throwing a music festival that benefitted the community was the perfect pairing!

2. How has the event evolved over the years?

The first year the focus, aside from raising money for MUST Charities, was the 30 year anniversary and a lot of what we did and how we presented it revolved around that. We were also learning a lot that year and kind of learning as we went. After the first year we didn't even know if we were going to do it again because it wasn't initially intended to be an annual thing. Once we decided we were going to give it another go we spent a lot of time and energy coming up with ways to enrich the experience of the festival.

In the second year we added the "Artist Grove" with local art on display as well as workshops and also added Yoga, which is a big hit. In addition, we added a second stage on the back of an old truck that featured local musicians, a magician, kid’s music and more. I would say from year one to year two, the experience for the festival goer improved tenfold.

This year we have even more great additions up our sleeves so stay tuned!

3. Ok, we love the name, how did you choose “Beaverstock”?

Well, as most people know, Castoro is Italian for "Beaver" which is my Dad's childhood nickname. The name "Beaverstock" is a play on the famous "Woodstock" music festival and hopefully gives people the feeling that we are all about having fun and bringing great music to the area.

4. What can a first timer expect when attending Beaverstock?

More than anything a first timer can expect to feel comfortable and inspired. Beaverstock is an all ages, family friendly event with something for everyone. Aside from great music, we have craft beer, wine, cider, yoga, arts & crafts, kids activities, games and a wonderful variety of local food vendors. The vibe is relaxed and all about spending time with your best friends and family.

5. What is your favorite thing about Beaverstock?

I would say my favorite thing about Beaverstock, aside from the music, is watching it all come to life and watching people loving their experience. We put so much work and thought into the festival and nothing is better than seeing people come with their friends and families and have the time of their lives.

6. Tell us something that no one knows about the event.

Well hmmm that's a tricky one...I would say for those who have not been, Beaverstock is much more than a festival, it becomes a mentality and part of who you are. If you attend once you'll be hooked and the festival will visit you in your dreams and put a smile on your face year round : ) Beaverstock is infectious in the best of ways!

For more information about the Beaverstock line-up, visit the Castoro Cellars website here.