BarrelHouse Brewing
Paso Robles | California




by Matt Browne

There's a new brewery in Paso Robles and it's called BarrelHouse Brewing. I must be honest and let you know that I've been there numerous times since they opened in mid to late February of this year ... and you will continue to find me there on occasion.

Let's cover the basics of this new spot:

  • The beer: Personally, I think the beer is quite good. They change up their menu here and there but you might find things like their Templeton Ale (a Kolsch-style blonde ale), the Belgian Wit (Belgian-style wheat ale), Pale Ale, IPA and different types of stouts. Again, the beer is good ... so go check it out!
  • The people: All the people that we've interacted with there are fantastic. It's like hanging out at a friend's house and once you go enough it might become that place where "everyone knows your name." The customer service has been great each time we've been and that's a big reason why you'll continue to see us there.
  • The facility: On the inside there's a nice big bar along with many tables sprinkled throughout. The really cool thing is that that the beer making happens right there in front of you. All the stainless tanks are in the middle of the joint and you'll often see the guys working on something while you sip on some beer. Much of the stuff on the inside has been recycled or repurposed which is pretty neat as well. When you sit at the bar you look through these two roll up window-style doors out onto this amazingly lush beer garden area.
  • The music: They have a flatbed truck that they use as a stage for their live music, and there is outdoor seating and tons of grassy area so you can take a blanket or your own chairs. The manmade rock feature outside boasts a pond and waterfall which adds to the ambiance. Again, it really feels like you're hanging out with friends in a really great backyard.

They only serve their beer, no wine or anything else, and they also do not have food; however, they have no problem with you bringing food in and they do actually have a food truck show up from time to time.

I'm a huge fan of what they're doing and I'm happy to see Paso Robles becoming a place that more craft beer folks want to do business in. You have to check this place out and let me know what you think, in fact, when you go check it out I may be sitting on the bar stool right next to you! Cheers!!

Matt is a 10-year Paso Robles area resident. He and his wife, Annie, love exploring the Central Coast looking for food, drinks and adventure. You can follow their adventures on their blog at HootnAnnie.