Filming for major motion pictures, independent films, commercials and music videos goes on quite a bit in SLO CAL. What you may not see though, is the behind-the-scenes look at the filming process. Check out this exclusive look at a recent shoot for Palms in the Sand.


Film Synopsis:

Palms in the Sand is a feature-length film that explores the relationships between 2 high school senior girls and the two college students they have an interest in during the end of a transitional school year. After one of the girls asks a guy to her prom and is rejected, the four friends go on a double date to make up for not going. With a view of these character’s conflicting perspectives on love, relationships, and life, the film displays what they think they're looking for - if they’re even looking for anything at all. Showing the complicated experiences these young romances exist in.


Note from Director, Actor, Writer Allen Negrete:

Relationships always have two sides to the story, and one isn't always necessarily more valid than the other. This inspired me to put that conflict of perspectives into a film. With our characters, we have mainly four constantly shifting perspectives going on. The work, as a viewer, that must be used to keep up with what they’re feeling and thinking fascinated me.

We represent diversity in our film industry with our cast and crew coming from a varying of ethnic backgrounds. Out of our four lead actors, two of them are female, the other two male.



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Guest House Grill (Atascadero, CA)

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Vinyl Isle (Morro Bay, CA)

Open Air Flowers (SLO, CA)

Atascadero Lake Park (Atascadero, CA)

Cayucos Beach Pier (Cayucos, CA)

Atascadero High School (Atascadero, CA)

Windows on the Water (Morro Bay, CA)