Bubbles in Paso? You Bet!

by Shonna Howenstine



True confessions time.



(Before we get started confessing, let's just apologize to France for our frequent misuse of the term "champagne" and politely inquire if we may EVER use the term when talking about sparkling wine? It would just  be so much easier. No? Okay fine.)



Okay, here goes: While I live in the epicenter of all things red wine, Firestone Walker and fabulous, I LOVE CHAMPAGNE. It is without a doubt, my "desert island" wine. (Oh, the shame).

Did you know that a handful of Paso Robles wineries now offer sparkling wine? It's true, and lovers of bubbles everywhere should rejoice. So whether you're a Tuesday bubbly-sipper or are looking to stock up for the holidays, you can choose from these exciting options for sparkling wine:


"It was only supposed to be a 3-hour tour. Quick, somebody pass the bubbly." - Ginger Grant 

If I've missed any Paso wineries who are secretly making sparkling wine, please, I beg of you, let me know. One never knows when one might get banished to a remote desert island and be in need of a champagne-like form of sustenance.

Shonna Howenstine is the tourism coordinator for the City of Paso Robles and never met a bottle of bubbly she didn't consider a close friend. She can be reached at 888.988.7276 or at tourism@prcity.com.