CalTerra is the newest restaurant in Atascadero at 7177 El Camino Real. It's mashup of American and Italian dishes provides a refreshing break from "burger and fries" and the prices are remarkably reasonable. Kevin Burke is the manager and you're likely to find him in the restaurant at just about any hour. Chef Brand McPartlan and his band of awesome misfits work the magic in the kitchen. All fresh food. Even the bread is baked fresh. Breakfast? Real, fresh-squeezed orange juice and rich, strong coffee accompany a long list of entrees. Lunch? Really different and delicious food and, again, really easy on your pocketbook. Grab a seat at the counter and slide in behind one of the many cozy little tables lined up along the length of the dining area.

Open 5 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Casual dress. Accepts all maljor credit cards. Call them at 466-2354 or email