Congratulations to the Madonna Inn for TWO amazing pieces of press!

Not only can you have their cake, but you can eat it your wedding. The Madonna Inn is a famous spot for locals and tourists alike, drawing people in from all over the world. Don't just listen to us, Martha Stewart Weddings and TLC say so too.

Worlds Most Colorful Wedding Venues

"The Gay 90s Room at the overly-decorated (in a great, kitschy way) Madonna Inn has everything you’ll need for a 150-person raucous bash: pink chairs, golden mirrors, and access to the main dance floor, where red chandeliers hang above gold curtains and a carpeted stage. (There’s a piano, too!) And just because we’d be foolish to not include this detail, the tennis courts on the property are an electric fuchsia."

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Bride By Design

"If you watched TLC last week, you may have caught Madonna Inn on the channel's new show, Bride By Design. The show follows brides looking to create a custom, one-of-a-kind Heidi Elnora wedding dress for their big day."

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