County Business Leaders Push for Direct Flight to Denver Market
Travel patterns identify Denver as top destination

The San Luis Obispo County Visitors and Conference Bureau in partnership with the SLO County Regional Airport, Economic Vitality Corporation and SLO County Air Transportation Alliance (SLOCATA) have set out to prove to airlines that a direct flight from San Luis Obispo to Denver is good for the airline business and good for the local business community. A new survey launched today asks the business community their willingness to use and pay for direct service from San Luis Obispo to Denver

The new survey follows one conducted in 2009 that looked at travel patterns. Denver was the top destination market identified by the more than 2,000 survey respondents. Additional analysis by Sixel Consulting, the airport's consulting firm, demonstrates that while the local airport is doing well, it needs more flights to more places and the number-one priority should be non-stop to Denver.

"We have the facts to prove the demand for direct flights to and from Denver exists in our community," said Mike Manchak, President and CEO of the Economic Vitality Corporation. "We ask business leaders to help us prove how the convenience of direct service to Denver makes business sense and helps the airport provide more service to be competitive."

Airport officials have been in communication with airline carriers who agree the demand to from San Luis Obispo (SBP) to Denver (DEN) is strong, but due to competitive pricing structures in the region, the airlines request the community demonstrate it willingness to pay for regional jet service.

Airport officials in cooperation with the business community have embarked on a grassroots campaign and request the business communities help by filling out a short survey. The survey is available at through February 17. Results will be quickly gathered and reported back to the airlines in time for discussions and decisions regarding fall airline service.