This past Sunday, my wife and I repeated two fun events that we had already done this summer. In the afternoon, we went to Salisbury Vineyard's "Schoolhouse Rock". (The tasting room is in an old -and beautifully restored- schoolhouse, thus the name.)

Salisbury Vineyards-Chet

Salisbury had a great trio "Soul Sauce" playing that I wanted to hear: The day job for Chet Hogoboom, the lead singer, is General Manager of a large local upscale hotel in Pismo Beach.  Chet is a very nice guy with a great voice.  There was a large turn-out, the weather was warm and sunny, the music was very popular with the crowd, and the wine very good. We sipped on a bottle of our favorite "Pinot Naturale". We gave a taste to our table mates, and they reciprocated by pouring a taste  of the Salisbury "Rucks Red" they were drinking - the one with the skateboarder on the label. My wife and I much prefer whites, but the "Rucks Red" was so great that we got a bottle of that as well. (No we did NOT drink both bottles on site.)

In fact, even though they were great, we left a bit before the group finished it set since we had our next event to prepare for: seeing the play "The Gamester" in Paso Robles. We had already seen this play when it premiered in early July. We had really liked "The Gamester", but I had not been able to fully enjoy it at the time since I was videoing it for use on our website. (Check out our YouTube Clip). This meant I had to sit well back from the stage, and concentrate a lot on zooming in and out of the action, spotting actors entering the stage, and watching the entire play on my very small video monitor.

My wife really liked the play and wanted to see it again. So we got a picnic dinner, arrived early and got a good seat near the stage, poured some wine (see "Pinot Naturale", above) and enjoyed the play a second time. One of the delights of live theatre is that no two performances are exactly the same, and I swear there were even more visual jokes than the opening night premier.

Housekeeping Details. Salisbury Vineyard's "Schoolhouse Rock" Concerts are held most Sunday afternoons from 1-4 PM. Occasionally for some larger groups, there is a $5 cover charge for adults, otherwise there is no cover charge.

"The Gamester" is performed in repertory the Central Coast Shakespeare Festival, along with the great Comedy "Twelfth Night". (There is also a YouTube Clip for this.) Plays start at 7:30 PM Friday & Saturday night, and 6 PM on Sunday. (Arrive earlier to get spot and enjoy your picnic. You can buy wine and beer on site.)