Faces of SLO County

Sweet Dream: A Feature on Negranti Creamery

by Katy Budge with edits by K. Reka Badger

Photo by Kevin Steele www.kevsteele.com

The moral of this story: when ewe have a dream, follow it! Alexis Negranti had never made ice cream, let alone milked an animal when she and her husband Wade - both San Luis Obispo County natives and Cal Poly graduates - decided to build a business around their love of animals and tasty treats. ln 2010, they drove 18 hours to pick up a starter flock of sheep and four years later, the ice cream produced by Negranti Dairy & Artisan Creamery is garnering mentions in Food & Wine and the New York Times.

The sheep's milk ice cream is all hand-crafted six gallons at a time. "I won't go any larger than that, "Negranti revealed. "l like the quality control of small batches. "And, whether it's vanilla from a Paso Robles supplier or strawberries from a farmers' market, the in­gredients are sourced as locally and as seasonally fresh as possible. That's a commitment the Negrantis cherish and foster.

"There is such a supportive community here," Negranti said. "People want to see small businesses succeed and young business owners thrive. We have been inspired by the reception and support of so many-from the Cal Poly College of Agriculture to San Luis Obispo's community leaders. This county is a rare and special place, and we're happy to call this slice of paradise our home."