Fall Weather in Pismo Beach

Can't Be Beat

pismo beach fall weatherA beach getaway is not reserved for the summer months alone. If you think October means you missed your window of opportunity to enjoy some sand, waves, and dunes, it's time to head to Pismo Beach, where fall is the second coming of summer.

Comfy Autumn in Pismo Beach

October is among the warmest months of the year in Pismo Beach. So even though school is back in session, Mother Nature and her beautiful coast are not married to any sort of calendar. Pismo Beach in the fall typically translates to balmy days, and the weather in October is pretty much the same as the summer weather. Though locals appreciate that there is usually far less fog hanging around the beach in the fall months.

Offshore Weather in Pismo Beach

The best kept secret in Pismo Beach? "Offshore" days. Offshore days mean warm winds come in from the east, push the marine layer out to sea, and leave warm, dry weather in its wake.  Fall in Pismo Beach is known for these tranquil conditions and pleasant temperatures. For some, sweating in the summer sun isn't desirable, but it's hard to beat comfortably toasting up on the beach sands in autumn.

In the Surf, on the Sand, or Off the Beaten Path

The slopes of the Oceano Dunes in Pismo Beach will call to adventurous ATV riders, those primo waves will draw in seasoned surfers, and Pismo Pier will call to rod and reel enthusiasts, but you won't want to neglect the many offerings of the surrounding area of Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo. The gorgeous fall weather means delightful walks through the art district, a serene round of 18 holes on Pismo Beach's world-class golf courses, or halcyon tours of local wineries.

Stay in the Heart of Pismo Beach

When you wake up on the Central Coast and look out your window, make the beach the first thing you see - and the first place you visit, without having to get in your car. The SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel, a favorite among Pismo Beach hotels, offers guests with direct beach access and unbeatable vistas of the Pacific Ocean at sunrise, twilight, and every hour in between. This is one of the best times of year to visit Pismo Beach - take advantage of this little-known fact and indulge in that calm, cacophony-free beach vacation you've always dreamed of.