Over the years, my wife and I have enjoyed several "Mozart Festival" concerts. (Like many long-time residents, I still tend to call it by it's old name, instead of the newer "Festival Mozaic".)

Whatever they are called, all the concerts were very good. The professional musicians - mostly non-locals - seem to enjoy the ability to make beautiful music in great venues in a beautiful part of the country. (Go figure.)

Chapel Hill Mozaic Festival Concert

In fact, to let you in on a secret, we attend the chamber-music concerts held at the beautiful and stunning "Chapel Hill" outside of the tiny town of Shandon, mostly because of the incredible venue itself.  "Chapel Hill" is aptly named: it is a small church on a hill. The church looks like it has been there for centuries even though it is only about 20 years old. You can pay extra to sit inside the church, but my  wife and I actually prefer to sit outside to enjoy the sweeping vista views. Listening to great music while the moon comes up over the hills is truly heavenly.

However, we have also enjoyed performances at the Performing Arts Center, Spanos Theatre (both on the Cal Poly campus), as well as at a winery in Paso Robles. So find the music and/or venue that appeals, and prepare for a great evening.