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If you spent any amount of time in the North County during August, you know it's been HOT. In fact, the 3rd hottest August on record, with 18 days breaking into triple digits. The peak of summer heat has brought the peak of summer produce to the Farmers' Markets.

There are LOTS of tomatoes in the markets now, grown by LOTS of different farmers. Here are a few to check out.

Bautista Farms
Manuel and Apalonia Bautista and family are growing Sunbright, Sungold and Red Pear tomatoes in the Huasna Valley.

Haussler Organic Farm
Grown in Templeton (as local as it gets!), Haussler is bringing Green Zebra, Black Plum, Brandy Wine and Sweet 100s this season.

Rocky Canyon Farm
The Nauta Family are growing Big Beef and Sungolds in Atascadero (there's that local thing again).

Velasquez Farms
Francisco is growing Shady Lady tomatoes on his farm in Santa Maria.

PEPPERS - Sweet & Hot
Perhaps not quite as wildly anticipated as tomatoes, peppers are none the less a very popular summer treat at the Markets. Here is some of what you'll find this season.

Domingo Farms
Rudy and Christina Domingo are bringing Lipstick peppers from Arroyo Grande.

Exotic Garden
Maria and Osias Galve are growing Italian Sweet, Anaheim, Jalapeno, Bell and Thai peppers in Selma.

Antonio Cortez
Antonio is growing Green and Yellow Bells in Santa Maria.

Pickled Peppers - easier to make than it is to say.
Great on tacos, sandwiches, pizzas, in beans and salads, pickled peppers help you stretch the summer flavors and add a little kick to your meals.
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Americans consume more potatoes per person than any other vegetable (Would you like FRIES with that?). Potatoes are incredibly versatile, so whether you prefer them baked, fried, boiled, au gratin or in a salad, it's worth checking out the new crop of potatoes arriving in the markets now.

Johnson Farms
Ralph Johnson is growing Russian fingerlings in Avila.

Los Osos Valley Organic Farm
Jim Terrick is in market now with Red potatoes, Russian Banana, Peruvian Blue and German Butterball.

Jim recommends his favorite Scalloped Potato Recipe>>

Perez Farms
Amilia Perez is offering Kennebec, Yuck Gold, purple, red and fingerlings, grown in Santa Maria.

And about those FRIES...
Making great fries at home is an often frustrating endeavor. Here's an easy recipe that produces great fries every time.
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