The Adventures of Frosty the Snowman, a San Luis Obispo County Local Celebrity


Last year Lola Red Design Group was honored with the award for Most Creative float for the San Luis Obispo Holiday Parade. The float was titled "A Frosty Chase" and featured a 12 ft Frosty the Snowman controlled by 2 bicycles inside of him. Frosty has since become a small celebrity with their clients and friends and the float was kept in their production shop for most of the year.

As the new holiday season approaches, Lola Red Design Group decided to have a little more fun with Frosty before he was dismantled. So, Frosty is currently going out on adventures around San Luis Obispo County! On their blog there are featured stories about Frosty the Snowman being spotted all around the county, with people taking photos and sending them in to share.

Each week in November, the Lola Red Design blog will be posting updates about where Frosty is. To view the blog, click here!