Wildflowers in Slo County

It's almost springtime in San Luis Obispo County and that means the beginning of wildflower season!! The month of March is usually the best time to see the most flowers, but they may last well into April. A local once told me that there are two seasons in San Luis Obispo, green and gold. The mountains are either gold, like the cover of our beautiful 2011 Visitors Guide; or they are green and lush with flowers, like they will be very shortly. The best place to see the most flowers is on Shell Creek Road in Santa Margarita. The hillsides become covered in the most beautiful and colorful flowers that is truly breathtaking. Santa Margarita is just up the grade from San Luis Obispo and it is a quaint little town. Shell Creek Road is on the outskirts of the town where you see the classic San Luis Obispo County rolling hills. Even the drive up the 101N coming from Southern California is full of beautiful blooming flowers that are breathtaking. It is worth the trip to the county to see them because there is nothing like the beauty of nature's flowers together in one place. These flowers are beautifully dressed and just begging to have their pictures taken by you! It is a similar experience to the tulip fields in the Netherlands that bloom in March, but even better because the flowers are close to home and wild. So pick a weekend, plan your trip and do not forget your camera!

See what Sunset Magazine had to say about the wildflowers in the March 2011 issue: http://www.sunset.com/travel/outdoor-adventure/spring-getaways-00418000070786/