Grape Encounters Radio at Hearst Castle!!

This week on Grape Encounters Radio, David Wilson is at the world famous Hearst Castle to uncover some of William Randolph Hearst's wine collections. Joining him is the Marketing Director for Hearst Castle, Jim Allen who starts the radio tour off at the Neptune Pool, said to be one of the most beautiful outdoor pools in the world! Hearst Castle is one of the most decadent places on earth and wine was a large part of William Randolph Hearst's extravagant and hospitable lifestyle at the Castle.

Hearst Castle consists of 275,000 acres of land with a main house and three guest houses. With the green hills, dense forest, and spanning Pacific Ocean, the view of and from the castle can't be beat, says David. Next Jim takes us into one of the 3 guest houses, which has 4 floors and 22 rooms in itself. The main house or "Casa Grande" has 165 rooms encompassing 65,000 square feet!

Then it's off to Hearst's wine cellar! David steps down the spiral staircase and into the cellar rooms holding 3,000 original bottles of wine from the Castle's heyday (as Hallelujah sounds chime). Based on the enormous collection, Hearst seemed to particularly enjoy German wines, Italian wines, Champagne, and some French wines. While this time period was before the explosion of the California wine industry, Hearst also had a good amount of wonderful California wines, many still in operation today. Most of the wines were from the 1920s and 30s, with a California Port dated 1899. David mentions that some of the wine labels from over 50 years ago, including BV wines, are still the exact same labels in production today. These wines are so well preserved that it looks as if they were produced yesterday. In addition, Jim shows us some interesting "bottom's up" wine glasses that have no stem or flattened base from Hearst's collection.The Hearst family even has their own winery, where they grow their own grapes and have a tasting room, which was built in 1852 and has been in continuous operation ever since.

The new Cottages & Kitchen Tour at Hearst Castle goes through two of the guest houses, the kitchen, and the extensive wine cellar. If you're coming up to the Central Coast to experience the wine country this tour is a must see, and David Wilson says it's worth the fly or drive from anywhere! Paso Robles, with over 200 wineries, is only about a 45 minute trip from the magnificent Castle.

After, Gadget Guru Matt Dubow, professes his jealousy of David's Castle visit and the two talk about what modern wine products Hearst would have particularly enjoyed.

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