San Miguel Model A's and T's Car ShowEvery year, San Miguel hosts a great car show that is exclusively for Model A's and Model T's. They range from rusted hulks that somehow survived in the back of somebody's barn or shed, to beautifully restored and fully functional versions. There seem to be about 30 or so cars and trucks, and most are in great condition. They are parked on one of the few original stretches of Highway 101 pavement that still exists, right in front of the Rios Caledonia Adobe. (Current Highway 101 runs just behind the Adobe.)

Wine tasting is also available from a local winery- usually free. A local organization also provides great BBQ, done right there. (There is a charge for this.)  Also, usually small local groups perform. All in all, a great mellow, low-key experience. Lots of interesting cars, a small appreciative crowd, wine, BBQ and music, all with great weather. AND a great interesting historic Adobe to explore.

If you haven't done so lately, this is also a great time to (re)visit the Mission San Miguel - only about a quarter mile form the Riso Caledonia Adobe. This is newly restored, after earthquake and age damage. It is charming, and has beautiful interior gardens.