Every Summer, the towns of San Luis Obispo County collectively host dozens of concerts. The grand finale occurs on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend, when the San Luis Obispo Symphony put on a "really big shew" (for those of you of a certain age that remember Ed Sullivan.)

Pops by the Sea Concert - Countdown to Fun

This really big shew show (about 2000 attendees!) is held outdoors on the grounds of the Avila Beach Golf Resort, right by the ocean lagoon's edge. People can splurge on table seating, or sit on the grounds on the sides and back. Both are great. (During intermission, many people take off their shoes and socks and wade in the water.) People are encouraged to bring a picnic and non-alcoholic beverages. Any wine and beer consumed must be purchased on site.

To say that the actual concert music is unimportant is unfair, but to my wife and me, the whole ambiance is so great that the music is just so much gravy. That said, the music at the concerts is always very enjoyable, and there is always a fun theme. Two years ago, the theme was music with numbers in their title - check out this YouTube clip of "Take Five" from that concert. In addition, Michael Nowak - the conductor - always makes a comic entrance. (Last year as King Kong, once as Batman, once as a gangster...) This year's theme is "La Playa" with Latin music - we'll see how he makes his entrance this time...

Housekeeping details: While it is usually warm weather when the concert starts, bring a jacket or sweatshirt as cools off towards sunset. It is usually very sunny, so hats are advised. Pre-show Family Festival starts at 2:30 PM, Concert starts at 4 PM. Come early to be able to park nearby - you can pay to park on the golf course grounds, otherwise you have to try to find a free spot on the street. Clothing is dressy casual; but do wear comfortable shoes, as you will need to walk.  Wine and beer are available for purchase on site, it helps if you can pay by cash.