This past Sunday, my wife and I decided to check out the Farmers Market in Grover Beach, which also holds a free concert during the market. Ramona Park, where it is held, is a very nice park, with a slight slope. The band plays at the bottom of the hill (if you can even call it that) and the vendors are stung along the side and back.

Grover Beach Farmers Market and BandThis duo of Concert + Farmers Market just started in 2008. Both music and farmers market go from 3 - 6 PM every Sunday in spring to early Fall. The weather this past Sunday was absolutely perfect. (It can often be somewhat cool and foggy - bring layers when you come). The band playing this week - "Appellation Bluegrass" was very enjoyable. Roughly 200 - 300 people were spread out on the grassy park grounds enjoying the music. It was very un-crowded because the park is so big. You can bring food and wine to the park, but there is a very good local BBQ restaurant selling food, wine and beer on site at very reasonable charges. However, do bring a blanket or chairs to sit on. In all, there were about 20 vendors selling fruit, veggies, prepared food, candy, and even one photographer selling her prints.

My wife and I ended up staying to the end, and stocked up on dips, some veggies and bouquets of flowers. We enjoyed the music even though neither one of us is "into" bluegrass. It was fun to people watch - there were lots of families with little kids/babies, enjoying the ambiance and weather. A great mellow Sunday afternoon in the park.