Slo Lotta’ Love PT.1

By: Dayna Schiessler

Love is something that can and should be celebrated in all different kinds of ways. Many couples enjoy taking their significant other out to a nice dinner, a night on the town, dancing, jewelry buying and many other traditional gestures to show them how much they love them. However, my boyfriend and I celebrated our one year Anniversary this past April and it was one for the books. Instead of doing the typical anniversary, we decided to make it an extreme one to remember forever.

The entire trip was a surprise from my amazing, loving boyfriend who told me nothing other than what to pack, what time to wait outside to be picked up, and to be ready for a fantastic weekend together. I got in the car and we started heading South down Highway 101 and about 2.5 hours into the drive, I started realizing where he was taking me. He was taking me back to my old stomping grounds, San Luis Obispo County where back in 2010 I lived and attended college. Once we started driving through San Luis Obispo County, I rolled down my window and took in a deep breath of that beachy, salty, crisp, warm summer air and felt nothing but pure bliss. That being said, the location was perfect. That was just the beginning for what he had up his sleeve for the entire weekend and I could never have guessed what was coming next.

We stayed at an amazing hotel in Pismo Beach called the Kon Tiki Inn. This hotel had everything we could have hoped for. A beautiful room with a comfortable king size bed, beautiful bathroom, flat screen tv and our favorite part, our very own private balcony looking over the beautiful ocean right on the cliffs of Pismo Beach. This hotel also had an incredibly friendly staff who made us feel completely at home and comfortable approaching them with any questions or desires we had. I would recommend this hotel to anyone and everyone traveling to the Pismo Beach area for any type of occasion.

Our first night in Pismo Beach, we were both very hungry from the long drive and had an intense craving for local seafood after smelling the ocean all day and night. We decided to adventure to downtown Pismo Beach and chose the first thing that looked appealing to us. We came across a hole in the wall, local seafood joint called Cracked Crab and it was delicious! The staff was welcoming and friendly, and the service was quite fast and attentive. We both thought that everything looked so good on the menu that we decided to split the crab roll and the crab sandwich. They were both to die for! Very fresh tasting food and the crab tasted so fresh that it was almost as if they had just caught it minutes before serving.

The next morning, we woke up early, had mimosas on our private balcony outside and watched the waves crash for an hour or so. Not knowing what our plan was for the day, my boyfriend instructed me to wear closed toed shoes, a light jacket, jeans and that we needed to hit the road. We pulled up to Bj’s ATV Rentals just blocks from the beach and oh my, were we in for some fun in the sun! While we were trying on helmet sizes and signing papers, we mentioned to the man running the shop that we were doing this for our anniversary, for that exact reason alone, the man took back our paperwork and added an extra hour to our 2 hour excursion out in the dunes to wish us a Happy Anniversary. It was so sweet and started our experience with such a positive energy. We sped and carved our way through the sand dunes with our cheeks in pain from smiling from ear to ear the entire time. We had a blast finding little jumps we could do in the sand dunes and of course, comparing over and over again who could get the higher jump. We also found some back road paths on the sand dunes that had little bumps that you could speed over while standing up on your bike that we really enjoyed. It was a great day and we couldn’t have had a better ATV experience.

After ATVing and being out in the sun all day, we returned to our hotel sunburned and exhausted, took a quick nap, and then headed out for our anniversary dinner. We walked around downtown Pismo Beach and found an adorable, romantic restaurant with white lights hanging all around it and we both agreed that it looked perfect. The restaurant was called Giuseppe's Cucina Italiana. It was a beautiful little Italian place that provided us with everything we were looking for: great service, delicious Italian food, excellent wine and an intimate table where we could focus on each other and have great conversation. We were both very impressed with this restaurant and would go back again in a heart beat.

Stay tuned for what this adventurous couple did on their second day in SLO County!