SLO Lotta Love Pt. 2: The Adventure Continues

Although the official day of our anniversary had passed, the adventures weren’t even close to being over. The next morning we woke up, I was again completely unaware of what we had planned for the day. My boyfriend gave me instructions on what clothing to wear and what time we needed to head out of our hotel, he also lovingly whispered in my ear, “you may not want to eat breakfast before our first activity.” I can’t even express to you how much this peaked my curiosity. I couldn’t figure out what we were about to do and even though I put a lot of thought into guessing, I couldn’t have been further away from knowing that I was about to embark on the most exhilarating experience of my entire life.

After about a short 10 minute drive from our hotel, we parked in the Oceano County Airport parking lot. All I saw when I looked out the window was a biplane with its engine revved up. I looked at my boyfriend and said, “is that what we are doing?” He looked back and smiled at me and said, “Biplanes are a sign of good luck, what better way to start the first day of our new year together with a little luck.” It was one of the sweetest moments and I was completely overwhelmed with excitement and happiness. As we got out of our car, we were quickly greeted by our pilot who was very friendly, happy and made us feel comfortable right off the bat. As we were signing our paperwork and getting ready for take off, I glanced around the hanger and noticed tons of world war 2 memorabilia including old planes, clothing, photos, and helmets. It was one of the coolest settings I’ve ever been inside. Fascinated, I looked around the room and noticed that I saw framed pictures of the same plane that we were about to strap into. Not only was this plane in the air soaring above the ocean, but it was upside down, doing barrel rolls and hammerheads. I gasped and asked if that’s what we were doing. My boyfriend, with a huge smile on his face, nodded yes to me and kissed me on the forehead. I could feel my stomach flop in nervousness and excitement and all I could think about was how amazing this experience was going to be.

We strapped on our leather jackets, leather old school helmets and goggles and took off into the blue sky. There were two buckets on our plane, my boyfriend and I got to sit in the front bucket together and our pilot was in the back. We both didn’t stop smiling the entire time and when the pilot signaled us, we both squeezed each others hand and prepared to do flips in the air over the ocean with nothing but a strap over our laps keeping us in the plane. This was an experience like no other. Exhilaration to the max and one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

After we got feeling in our faces again and adjusted back to life on the ground, we got a quick bite to eat downtown Pismo Beach at Hoagie’s. We both enjoyed the delicious Pismo Wrap and walked down to the beach and enjoyed our lunch in the sand as we talked about what we had just experienced.

On our drive home, my boyfriend surprised me and informed me that we had one more stop to wrap up our weekend of adventures. He took me to a place called Margarita Adventures and told me that we were going zip-lining over a winery and end with wine tasting. I have always wanted to go zip-lining, so I was ecstatic! We walked into a little room where there were tons of souvenirs, local artwork, and photographs to look at while we signed our paperwork to get all set for our zip-line adventure. In the process, we met our tour guide named Willy who was fantastic. Willy was very funny, friendly, smart and gave us tons of fascinating information about the winery as we drove in a bus with our tour group to our first zip-lining destination.

When we arrived at the top, we briefly went over some safety guidelines and took the chance to get to know each other well. During the process of getting to know each other, we informed everyone that we were celebrating our anniversary and shared our experiences with the group. The moment that Willy heard why we were celebrating, he took it as a prime moment to embarrass us as much as he could. He disappeared for a minute and then came back holding a helmet with a groom's hat on top if it. He informed us that there is usually a helmet with a bridal veil on it but that they had misplaced it. Being the trooper that he is, my boyfriend decided to rock the groom's helmet. It was absolutely hilarious and put a smile on everyone's faces. We then become the center of attention in the whole group and enjoyed every minute of it.

We zip-lined for about 2 hours over the wineries with different stops, heights, lengths and views. It was absolutely beautiful and one of my favorite days I’ve ever experienced. Along the way, the tour guides created fun games for us to do on our zipline experiences such as corn hole which everyone really got a kick out of. This tour group really went the extra mile with making the experience as fun as possible adding extra laughs and smiles and making certain that everyone was having a great time. My boyfriend and I had an absolute blast at Margarita Adventures and would highly recommend the experience to anyone while traveling down in that area. We also made great friends who we are still in contact with and ended up going to a local brewery with them after ziplining and spent hours getting to know each other. It was a great experience and now we have new life long friends, which was an extra treat.

Our very last stop on our grand adventure was an amazing dinner at a restaurant that locals highly recommended to us called The Range. This was hands down our favorite dinner of our entire trip and we’ve even discussed traveling back down in the San Luis Obispo area just so that we can revisit this gem of a restaurant. This restaurant had the best steak I believe I’ve ever had in my life. From the outside, the restaurant doesn’t look like much; a very plain and old school look to it, but once you walk in, there is beautiful indoor seating and the outside is even better. The Range is a very large restaurant that is decked out in white lights, candles, and a very friendly and welcoming staff. We enjoyed our experience very much at The Range and we will definitely be coming back. We also ended up sitting right next to our friends from our ziplining experience which made it all the more comfortable, fun and personable. In future conversations, when I talk about one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to, this will definitely be at the top of the list.

This was the greatest trip of my life and even though I have lived in the area before for a couple years, I have never experienced it this way. San Luis Obispo County is filled with so many excellent activities to do and every location is beautiful. I am so thankful to have had these experiences in my life and most of all, thankful for the man who provided them to me. I am one lucky girl and not a day goes by that I forget that. Thank you San Luis Obispo County for giving us an adventure we will both never forget. Until next year!