Hearst Castle Announces Spring 2012 Evening Tours



     San Simeon, CA - On Friday, March 2, 2012 the Hearst Castle Evening Tour Program will begin a new season.  Visitors to the Castle will be able to experience evening reflections from the 1930s heyday era.

     Tours are conducted on most Friday and Saturday evenings, from March 2nd through May 19, 2012.  Hearst Castle will feature the Living History Program that emphasizes the byone lifestyle of this great estate.  Docents in elegant attire will recreate the social life of Mr. Hearst's guests, lounging by the magnificent Neptune Pool or playing cards in the Assembly Room.  Other docents portray household staff attending to the needs of Mr. Hearst's guests.

     The evening progresses through one of the guest houses, Casa del Mar, and several of the large rooms on the ground floor and the upstairs guest suites of the main house, Casa Grande.  The tour continues throug the Main Library and Mr. Hearst's private Gothic Suite.  Completing this magical tour with a walk over blue and gold Venetian glass tiles of the breathtaking indoor Roman Pool, visitors to Hearst Castle will leave with long lasting memories of bygone nights at "The Enchanted Hill."  Visitors should allow two hours and ten minutes for this tour.  Evening Tour prices are $36 for adults and $18 for youth aged 5 through 12.

For Tour Reservations Please Call (800) 444-4445
For Accessible Tour Reservations (866) 712-2286, or go online at http://www.hearstcastle.org/

For more information, please e-mail John Fixler, Hearst Castle Ticket Office at jfixler@hearstcastle.com.