Hi - I'm Steve Martin (no, not THAT Steve Martn) and I'll be writing about the unique features and attractions in and around the City of Atascadero and other North County locations. Atascadero is new to promoting its visitor assets, so you'll probably be reading about a lot of things you never new existed.

When you visit the city's historic downtown, you can't miss the huge domed building presiding over the lush Sunken Gardens. This is the city's original Administration Building, constructed as one of the first municipal projects by founder E.G. Lewis around 1914. The Italian Renaissance design was inspired by the buildings in the 1904 World Exposition in St. Louis MO, which was just a stone's throw from the first city founded by Lewis, University City. The Atascadero edifice is one of a very few double-domed buildings in the state (the second dome is actually INSIDE the building.) It has been vacant since it was damaged in the 2003 San Simeon Earthquake, but is undergoing repairs and will be re-opened in time for Atascadero's Centennial Celebration in 2013. The Administration Building is just one of many fascinating historical structures built as part of the original "Colony" of Atascadero - the first planned community in the State of California.

For more information about Atascadero's history, visit www.atascaderohistoricalsociety.org.