Take a bite out of SLO CAL this January for our annual Restaurant Month. SLO CAL restaurants are ready to take your order to enjoy their culinary creations throughout the entire month. Here’s our guide for helping out our small kitchens and local businesses this year. If you find somewhere you like, don't forget to come back and revisit your favorites throughout the year.

plates lined up in kitchen ready to be served

Plan it Out

What are you in the mood for today? There are so many options to choose from this Restaurant Month. With events happening all January, plan out to hit as many of these deals as you can. Looking for casual breakfast or lunch spots? Perfect! We’ve got you covered. Want to take the whole family? We’ve got that too! Looking for more affordable dinner options? Again, look no further than SLO CAL Restaurant Month. If you’ve budgeted one date night for you and your loved one, select the perfect dining spot and pick up the phone to order takeout from that SLO CAL restaurant you’ve always wanted to try.

street food

Call Ahead

These small businesses only have so much capacity. With production supplies limited, it’s a smart idea to call a few hours or even days ahead, so you’re not a last-minute surprise for these kitchens. They’ve dealt with so many surprises this quarantine season, now is the time to do our best to support local.

seafood meal with bread

Pick a Spot to Enjoy

Pick a spot you are wanting to enjoy your Restaurant Month deals at- there are many to choose from. Whether you are choosing based on community, type of food, or overall ambiance, we got you covered. Looking for quant lunches on-site at a winery surrounded by vineyards and views of rolling hills? We got you covered. What about beachfront views where you can see the waves splashing and birds flying? Got those too. You may even be looking for a great downtown spot in the heart of SLO, Atascadero, Grover Beach, or Paso Robles- well check, check, and check. There is a variety of options that offer the best vibe for you and your group, date, family, or just you alone. Either way, you’ll enjoy a great meal with a spectacular ambiance.

food selfie

Post It

In the spirit of supporting local, we can all try to think like an influencer this year. Post your well-plated meal for all your followers to see! SLO CAL will love to see how you’re safely enjoying Restaurant Month, so tag @slocal and the restaurant’s handle so your friends can take your lead and enjoy your favorite dishes too.

food ready for pick up


Restaurant Month is happening ALL JANUARY. Plan to take advantage of all the restaurants you love, in addition to the ones you’ve always wanted to enjoy. Take a trip up to Cambria, or over to San Miguel, or maybe even Pismo Beach and Grover Beach to spread the love. Many of the menus vary so much that, if you plan it right, you just might be able to hit deals for each meal of the day, every day!


So what are you waiting for? Get out there and join us for SLO CAL Restaurant month in the safest way possible!

Learn more at SLOCAL.com/restaurantmonth