Great American Melodrama

Oceano, California - September 22 - The Werewolf of Dr. Oz, a new musical written by Eric Hoit and Jordan Richardson, premieres at The Great American Melodrama on September 22.

The Werewolf of Dr. Oz shape shifts a classic musical and transforms it into the tale of a lonely Kansas farm boy, Donny Gale (Mike Fiore), who comes across what might be a werewolf tooth while on an archeological field trip with classmates Larry (Jim Shine), Tito (Kyle Huey) and Judy June Jones (Ali Keirn). The kids horse around with the new specimen and find themselves in detention, much to the dismay of Donny's Aunt Emma (Megan C.C. Walker). When Donny arrives at detention he is shocked to find himself howling and growling as if he's turning into a werewolf! Frightened and embarrassed, he runs away from school and ends up in a dark forest where he meets his own set of quirky sidekicks, Tivo and Flaircrow, and together the trio set out to find a visiting television personality named Dr. Oz, in the hope that the doctor can help them.. Along the way Donny learns of the wicked plan of his teacher, Ms Hamilton (Leah Kolb) and the archeological director, Morgan Frank (Jake McGuire) to turn Donny in for research. Will Dr. Oz actually be able to help? Can Donny and his friends avoid being captured by Ms. Hamilton? And will Judy June and Donny find love along the way? It may not be down the yellow brick road, but with hilarious song parodies and pop culture references, this is sure to be a journey full of laughter and music! Following the play is The Game of Life Vaudeville Revue. Directed by George Walker with musical direction by Jordan Richardson, this revue full of song, dance and comedy takes us through the different stages of life and celebrates those funny creatures called humans and their amazing ride on this game called life. So love, laugh and live!

The Werewolf of Dr. Oz opens September 22 and plays through November 13. Performances are Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7pm, Fridays at 8pm, Saturdays at 4 and 8pm, and Sundays at 6pm. (On Thursday, October 13 a 2pm matinee will replace the 7pm performance.) The Melodrama's in-house snack bar features great food and drinks served before the show and during intermissions. Tickets are $18 to $22, with discounts available for groups, seniors, students, active military, and children. For more information or to make reservations call the Melodrama Box Office at 805-489-2499. The Great American Melodrama is located on Highway 1 in Oceano, just three miles south of Pismo Beach. The Melodrama has been providing professional family entertainment on the Central Coast since 1975.

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