I Love Where I Live! - 5th Annual Earth Day Food and Wine Festival

I mentioned in my last post, one of the reasons I love where I live is literally the constant parade of festivals and events that seem to blossom like wildflowers, and grow more bountiful each year.

One of my particular favorites, for a variety of reasons I'll elaborate on further in this post, is THE ANNUAL EARTH DAY FOOD AND WINE FESTIVAL. This will be the 5th iteration of the festival, being held in Templeton, California on the Weekend of April 15-17, 2011.

I love Mother Earth, and am as concerned as the next person about the damage we've done in the course of our ‘civilization' for human comfort and prosperity. I've been to a number of Earth Festivals where I feel horrible, and laden with guilt after I've visited. What I really want to share here, that I find special and refreshing about this event is its positive, uplifting and educational vibe.

You come away from this event not only learning about all the large and small things you can do to make a difference, but also seeing these same tactics successfully employed on a local level. The experience for me was one of hope, celebration, camaraderie, and encouragement. Since then, each year I commit to making small but significant changes in our gardens, as well as our resource usage and product purchasing.

So, back to the event: Probably the single most encouraging part of the event was being able to taste the wines and foods that were produced through these earth-conscious practices. This year admission to the event (Premiere $100; General $75; Designated Driver $40) entitles you to "Unlimited samples of seasonally-baked dishes, and tastes of over 150 Central Coast wines". Aside from being a huge amount of food and wine to taste and discover: more importantly, it is probably some of the freshest and most flavorful foods, and seriously delicious wines to broach your palate.

Add to this, the music of Dan Curcio and Still Time, as well as opportunities to chat with the many purveyors and farmers who know how to work their magic and are happy to share - well, it's nothing short of a kismet of sorts: Great People; Great Food; Great Wine; Great Place; and it's all Good for the Earth!

Here are the details of what you need to know:

Date: The 5th ANNUAL EARTH DAY AND WINE FESTIVAL takes place on Saturday, April 16th, from 1 p.m. (Premium ticket holders) 2 p.m. (General Ticket holders) to 5 p.m.

Where: The Event is located at Pomar Junction Winery located at 5026 S. El Pomar Rd., Templeton, Ca.

Contact: (805) 369-2288

For Ticket Purchase: http://www.earthdayfoodandwine.com/tickets/

Parking: Is limited and on a first come, first served basis. In the spirit of Earth Day, a better solution is to take advantage of the countywide shuttles going to the event - tickets are only $5 round-trip (what a deal!)

Finally, keep in mind this is a 3-Day Event! Meaning, the event on Saturday is sandwiched in between tastings, tours and fine meals at a number of locations in Paso Robles and Templeton and the San Luis Obispo areas.

Just to give you a taste (ha - no pun intended), there are tours of local organic farms and gardens, a green building tour, garden workshops, a wonderful lunch at Thomas Hill Organics on Friday and Sunday, and a similarly likewise dinner planned for Friday evening at Cass Winery. There is way too much fun, and way too much information to go into here. Visit the event website http://www.earthdayfoodandwine.com where you can get all the information you might need. And, if you're coming from out of county, be sure to book your rooms soon - it's likely to be a big weekend.


Laura Gurreau
"When Your Hungry to Discover"


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