I Love Where I Live: A Day of Wine & Chocolate
in Edna Valley Wine Country!

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What I want to share today is the melding of two of my personal favorites: San Luis Obispo County Wines and organic, fair-trade chocolates created by our local Chocolatier, Mama Ganache Artisanal Chocolates. From this, we've created a most special tour offered just during the month of February, called our "Fine Wine & Chocolate Pairing Tour." This is a tour that will be enjoyed by chocolate fanatics, wine lovers, as well as those who appreciate the finer points of both, and want to learn more.

We'll start the day at Mama Ganache Artisanal Chocolates where you'll learn everything you every wanted to know about Chocolate. From there, we'll visit three tasting rooms "Baileyana," "Claiborne & Churchill" and "Salisbury Vineyards" where you'll learn all about the fine art of chocolate and wine pairing, then practice these skills as you sip sumptuous wines paired with equally fine chocolates - each pairing offering a tasting experience that is both, unique and delicious.

This tour is all about discovering what wines and chocolates you enjoy and sharing them with that special someone. You'll learn about the wine you taste and try to figure out why you do or don't like it. You'll try several types and flavors of chocolates, and with each chocolate you taste you'll learn to better identify the flavors, intensities and notes you prefer. As we work our way through 9 pre-selected wine & chocolate pairings, you'll be well on your way to defining just what exactly it is about those professional pairings you've tasted that hit the mark, or miss the mark for your unique palate.

While there are any number of ‘formulas' out there to guide you in your wine and chocolate pairing (and "yes" - you will get one on our tour if you choose to take it) the reality is that each vintage of any varietal or blend of wine is unique, as are you. Similar to many ‘truths' in life, the answer lies not in a single absolute truth, but in the teaching of how to find our own truth. And so it goes with wine & chocolate pairings.

This is a fun, delicious, experiential-type tour for the curious at heart. Tours are limited to a maximum of 6 people. You will try many different wines, many different chocolates and by the end of the day have a better sense of what flavor and other sensory profiles you prefer in your wines and chocolates and how to introduce this new knowledge into your culinary creations.

For folks traveling from out of town, we have partnered with the El Colibri Boutique Hotel and Spa to offer an overnight package for this tour.

For more information on this tour please visit http://www.centralcoastfoodtours.com/

Laura Gurreau
Central Coast Food Tours