I Love Where I Live: Come Visit for

Cayucos' Sea Glass Festival
March 8-10, 2013


Have you ever really looked at a piece of sea glass? There is something special hidden in it's worn and rounded corners, and it opaque coloring. Perhaps it's the story of where this piece of glass started out, and where the sea's water has sent it? I find myself collecting pieces of this glass as I walk the beach, wondering with each piece where it started its journey.

If you are at all curious about Sea Glass, then I invite you to the upcoming Sea Glass Festival in Cayucos on March 8-10, 2013. The festival seems to gain more momentum each year, and provides for a wonderful opportunity to see all sorts of Sea Glass, as well as meet artisans who collect and craft their own creations from the glass. Whether you are an admirer, a craft person looking to pick up some Sea Glass, or might just enjoy a day at the beach this festival offers what you seek.

The festival will be featuring live music by Grammy winner, Louie Ortega, as well as the Bobby Santa Cruz Band, Tennessee Jimmy Harrell Trio and Bruce Beck the Mystery Brothers, as well as food and beverages hosted by local businesses. Admission is only $3.

For more information, please visit www.cayucosseaglass.com


Laura Gurreau
Central Coast Food Tours