I Love Where I Live: Discover Our New Spirits Distillery - "Re:Find"

paso robles distilery

Ever on the scout for all things new and wonderful, I recently discovered our own local distillery. Yes, you heard me right! Amongst all the vines and wonderful wines being produced in San Luis Obispo County, we now have a liquor distillery.

I harken back to the moonshiners operating during prohibition, and one might think it a prohibitive atmosphere to be producing hard liquor in the midst of Paso Robles Wine Country. I mean, our wines are sophisticated and elegant and hard liquor is, well... hard liquor. The thought itself is almost sacrilegious.

Though, upon further investigation I discovered the distillery has found a perfect, and remarkably compatible niche: Re:Find spirits are derived from wine grapes!

Let me back up: the wine making process produces a free-run juice, called saignee, which is removed from the wine barrels to improve the wine quality before fermentation. Ordinarily, the saignee is drained off and discarded. Imagine all that lovely saignee being discarded into the refuse, or wherever they put it. Enter "Re:Find". These folks collect the saignee and through a distillation process are making top-shelf Vodka and Gin.

Vodka and Gin made from wine grapes? YES! We're talking 80 proof, ‘knock your socks off' spirits. Due to regulations, a spirits manufacturer is unable to both produce and sell spirits directly to the consumer. However, because these folks also operate a winery, this product is crafted and sold as a "Brandy." The Vodka is called "Neutral Brandy" and the Gin is labeled as "Botanical Brandy." Trust me: this is an unknown "FIND" of the first order!

They are just beginning to distribute these spirits locally. Luna Red restaurant in San Luis Obispo features Re:Find spirits. If you are in the Paso Robles area, give yourself a treat and stop by their tasting room located at 2725 Adelaida Road. Currently they are open for tasting Thursday through Sunday. Give them a call at 805.239.9456, as I understand they will soon be open 7 days a week.

Enjoy my latest find!

Laura Gurreau
Central Coast Food Tours

paso robles distilery