I Love Where I Live: Grab Your Bike and get Retro!
Bike Night SLO

Some people might speculate that us locals have a tendency toward the wild and weird, especially if caught off-guard during our monthly "Bike Happening" the first Thursday of each month. No worries: we're just celebrating life!

There are so many cool things happening here on the Central Coast, it's never hard to find some activity or event to share with friends. Mark your calendars because the first Thursday of every month at 9:30 p.m. we come together to celebrate friends, fun, community and bicycling!

Yep, we grab our bikes, decorate ourselves, and our bikes according to a different theme each month, and meet in downtown SLO for a group bike ride. It's good modern fun for young, old, and every age in between.

The ride starts at the Mission then follows a circuit from Nipomo Street to Marsh, up to Santa Rosa then back down Higuera Street. We're the ‘freewheeling' sort in SLO, so this isn't a ‘sponsored' event by a particular organization with all the associated permits and regulations.

The monthly ride continues to occur and grow in size because it's FUN, but also because the folks who participate agree to some basic rules (that most likely keep it sane, safe, and unregulated.) These ‘rules' are really quite common-sense: "Have fun, respect our community, and obey all traffic laws."

February's theme is "Get Retro." I'm already conjuring all sorts of crazy things I can wear for the ride... I've got a blue beehive wig I could dig out of the closet, or maybe that cool aviator helmet with the 1940 goggles?

Come on, admit it: this sounds like a LOT OF FUN! Bet you want to be there, huh?
All the info you need can be found here: www.bikehappening.org Plus, there's all sorts of great pictures from prior rides to inspire you.

Have Fun!

Laura Gurreau