I Love Where I Live: Have You Discovered Limerock Orchards?

crumb cake

Recently on a drive out among the Paso Robles west side vineyards, I discovered my newest find: Limerock Orchards.

Limerock Orchards is a small family walnut farm located out on Vineyard Road/Peachy Canyon Road, among the many fine wineries in the western hills of Paso Robles. Limerock dry farms their walnut trees, meaning the only irrigation they receive is that provided naturally by rain. The outcome: a walnut that is smaller than those that are irrigated, but concentrated with flavor and sweetness. Take my word for it: there is NO comparison in taste between a Limerock-grown walnut and those walnuts you buy in the grocery store.

The folks at Limerock Orchards are now creating a wonderful oil with their nuts that I've come to consider a culinary treasure. They roast these little gems then press the walnuts to create their ultra-premium oil.  The oil can be used for any purpose you would use an oil, but I find it particularly delicious in salads and used in baking. In fact, once you taste second generation owner/farmer Olivia's walnut coffee cake you will agree this walnut oil is, indeed, a local treasure.

For more information on Limerock Orchards you can call  (805) 238-6887 or visit their website at: http://www.limerockorchards.com/who-we-are/

Here's the link for Olivia's Coffee Cake: http://www.limerockorchards.com/2011/08/walnut-crumb-cake/