I Love Where I Live! - Let's Go To the Creston Rodeo
Creston Rodeo 

Coming up is our infamous "CRESTON CLASSIC RODEO"! Dates for the rodeo are September 9, 10 and 11th, 2011.

I ‘get it' that many who read this blog are doing so because they appreciate San Luis Obispo's growing acclaim as a top-flight food and wine region... and want to find food and wine things to do while visiting. Surely, our region is all about food and wine and we have tons of events to make the visit special.

This post, however, is about our history as a badland for cowboys...
You see, before the wonderful vineyards and our abundant agricultural wealth through family farms, we were a part of the "Wild West!" Unfortunately, we've lost most of this fascinating history to the excitement and glory of our burgeoning food and wine scene. But, there are vestiges of this heritage in hidden corners of the County that are still celebrated!

The little town of Creston is an off-shoot of historic Paso Robles. I love it that Creston STILL EXISTS, and what's more, has a solid sense of their heritage. O.K. - O.K., granted: Creston is a SMALL TOWN. In fact, if you blink at the right/or wrong time you may just miss it entirely. But Creston is representative of the Old Ways and of how the town center was just a small center for trading, meeting and mixing for the landowners of the surrounding ranchos.

The fact that the people of Creston have garnered their energies to put on this Annual Rodeo is proof to the pride, testament and tenacity of the remaining pioneers. In fact, the rodeo grows larger each year and is seen as an authentic piece of our Old Time Americana. Best of all, Creston folks created this rodeo back in 1996 as a means to fund their community center.

I've been to Creston and being somewhat of a "citified" cowgirl, I love to visit. Try the Rodeo (take the sunscreen and cowboy hats)... but ultimately you'll meet and enjoy the last true pioneers of the people who settled this land.

Jump in...and have Fun!

Laura Gurreau