I Love Where I Live! - Paso Robles' Concerts in the Park ‘Rock'

Well actually they don't always ‘Rock', sometimes they ‘Swing', and ‘Jazz' among other genres offered - but be guaranteed you will always come away with a smile and a good taste of real Small Town Americana (done as only Paso could).

Being a local, and visiting all the summer park concert venues, the Paso Robles Venue is one of my favorites. There is something about the lovely grass-clad square with its Victorian white gazebo... the huge shade trees... the feeling of being in this little oasis in the midst of a hip, vibrant, and walkable business district... that makes the park and this laid-back event so special.

It truly is a locals' event as there is NO CHARGE. Us locals like that! Just show up with your beach chair, blanket, hotel towel ... or jacket to sit on. You can bring your own picnic and snacks, or opt for the local wine and eats provided at the event. My advice: go empty handed (less to carry and organize and you get to taste the local fare). Of course there is a charge for the wine and food, but it's very reasonable, always tasty and the proceeds support the City's wonderful library and various other programs.

The Concerts in the Park run every Friday evening from 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. starting June 24th with Rhythm Method (Classic Rock). Wines by J. Lohr and food by one of my favorite bistros in town: Berry Hill Bistro. The concert series runs through Friday, August 26th.

This event is truly a "local find" - if you plan to visit, be sure to plan your evening around the Friday evening free concert ... then consider exploring the rest of downtown while you're there. It's a haven of great food, wonderful wines and friendly people.


Laura Gurreau