I Love Where I Live...Hats off to "SAVOR"!

I really, truly, and most honestly hope you were able to participate in at least one of the many events that comprised the "Savor the Central Coast" event that occurred this last weekend. Each of the four event days had something special and unique to offer to both the local and the visitor, alike.

First off, I just need to get on the record and say "Hurrah!" to the brain trust that conceptualized and put this event on the map. Thanks to the folks at Sunset Magazine who have given the event visibility, their coveted seal of approval, and their direct involvement. But, let's not forget the tremendous talent, coordination, and vision required on the local front to conceive of, organize, and pull off an event of National stature.

I openly applaud the Leadership who labored behind the scenes to turn out a AAA+ event; the staff support who implemented these ambitious plans, and; the many local volunteers who gave their all and best to share themselves and their time to make the four days of "SAVOR" a top notch experience for all involved.

As a ‘blogger' about the food and wines of the Central Coast, I can say with all certainty the SAVOR adventure is a pinnacle event that brings together so much of what we have to offer in a concise, product-driven venue that makes learning about and accessing the huge number of our wine and culinary offerings easy and fun!

Hats off to all of you "SAVOR" folks - organizers, participants, and guests - alike!

Laura Gurreau