Atascadero - The New Oldies

It's here! Atascadero Main Street's megaphone to the world...The New Oldies!

The New Oldies! format is based on one single fact.... YOUR oldies are not your Mamma's oldies. (No offense to your mother, of course.) For a long time "oldies" have been defined as the music of the 50s and 60s... maybe some 70s. Only recently have broadcasters, traditional and otherwise, realized that time marches on. It's the 21st Century. That means music that is 25 years old was first released in (gasp!) way back in the ‘80s. That means there is a whole new world of oldies and a whole new world of oldies listeners.

Are we right? Well, since we first signed on we've had hundreds of listeners select us as a "favorite" station through the Live365 streaming service. Thousands of listeners have tuned in for tens of thousands of hours of entertainment. Stay tuned for even more New Oldies, plus lots of new features, offers and social networking .

Now listeners around the world can hear what's happening in Atascadero CA including all of the very popular special events and festivals, news about the Charles Paddock Zoo, our amazing history plus hiking, biking, horseback ride and excursions into the wine country and the coast.

What should YOU do? Well, keep listening for sure. And tell your friends about The New Oldies! And keep visiting for the latest developments. Take just a moment to register for a free account. Your membership will entitle you to advance notification of station changes, special travel offers and the opportunity to receive free prizes and other materials. And don't worry, we don't share your contact information.

The New Oldies! It's the music of YOUR life!

Listen now!