A classic, fun, family centered event that happens every Thursday night from 6-9pm in the heart of Downtown San Luis Obispo is the local Farmers' Market. I have been going regularly since I have lived here, and even before that I loved going to it when I would vacation here. The Farmers' Market is the perfect event for all ages; families and singles alike. There are a ton of local produce vendors who have produce more delicious then you can get at a grocery store. Also, the lively food vendors from restaurants all around the county give the market its added flare. The market is the perfect opportunity for locals and visitors to see and taste what is going on and new in the community. It also gives those who want to start a business great exposure to a large population of people. My roommate and I decided to walk to the Farmers' Market from our house...as almost everything in San Luis Obispo is within walking or biking distance.

The minute you hit Hguera Street you can smell the barbeques cooking and hear the produce vendors talking. While we were there we met a vendor who was just starting out a granola business, he had the opportunity to interact directly with his customers and describe just how unique and delicious his new product is. It is such a fun atmosphere, and a great place to bring children and families. There is a bounce house and other fun children's activities to keep the whole family entertained. Every week there are different performers at various stages throughout the market that cater to different people. There is the electric cellist, gymnastic groups, local artists and more. I felt so involved in the community when I was there and I wanted to support our local growers and restaurants so that they will be around in the future. The Farmers' Market is a must do for all locals and visitors alike, so the next time you plan your vacation to San Luis Obispo, plan for the Thursday night Farmer's Market!