Great American Melodrama

For the 37th season The Great American Melodrama and Vaudeville rings in the holiday season!  Renew your holiday spirit with Ebenezer Scrooge in the classic timepiece, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, ham it up with Brad Carroll's, Three Little Pigs, then relish in the music of the season during the Holiday Vaudeville Revue, with favorite Melodrama traditions like the Waterglass Orchestra and the Reindeer Rap!  The Holiday Extravaganza runs November 15 through December 31, so kick start your holiday season with this triple bill!

A Christmas Carol is the story of Ebenezer Scrooge (Billy Breed), a cold hearted, greedy man who cares nothing for people and especially detests Christmas. Those who love him like his jovial nephew, Fred (DJ Canaday) try to bring him Christmas cheer. But Scrooge views Christmas as "a time for finding yourself a year older, and not an hour richer" and doesn't understand why his employee, Bob Cratchit (Steven Freitas) wants the day off or why charity aide workers (Alex Sheets and Jacqueline Hildebrand) need money for the poor.

On Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by the tortured ghost of his former partner, Jacob Marley (Philip David Black) who comes to Scrooge in hopes of freeing him from his own fate by sending three ghosts to help achieve Scrooge's transformation. First to arrive is the Ghost of Christmas Past (Crystal Davidson), who transports Scrooge back in time to reveal glimpses of his childhood and his sister, Fan (Adrianna Leiby). Next comes the Ghost of Christmas Present (Alex Sheets) who swoops Scrooge off to witness the family feast of the near-impoverished clerk, Bob Cratchit and his wife (Bethany Rowe) and their children (played by Christine DeLaby, Saige and Sierra Gardner of Nipomo, Jacob Goryance and Serafina Regusi of Arroyo Grande, Christopher Jensen and Ashlee and Steaphenee Wittlieb of Santa Maria.)  Finally, The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come gives Scrooge insight on the "shadows of what may be" if he doesn't change his ways. This story of redemption has become a defining tale of the Christmas holiday. A Christmas Carol is directed by Nova Cunningham, with set design by Brian Williams, lighting design by Tim Seawell and costume and wig design by Renee Van Niel. 

Following A Christmas Carol is the fractured fairy-tale musical, The Three Little Pigs, written by Brad Carroll. This zany twist on a classic, "curly tail" will not even slightly "boar" you as you're hog tied with laughter. Loads of giggles await the audience in this delightful blend of music and comedy, directed by Eric Hoit.

The finale to the triple bill is the Holiday Vaudeville Revue, also directed by Hoit. A fantastic way to end the evening, audiences will find themselves whistling tunes as they leave the theater.  Don't miss annual favorites The Rappin' Reindeer and the famous Melodrama Waterglass Orchestra! All in all, The Holiday Extravaganza is a terrific musical and theatrical experience, perfect for friends and family of all ages.

The Melodrama offers great food, snacks, desserts, beer & wine at the in-house pub. Many shows are added to the regular schedule to accommodate the demand for this show.   A performance calendar may be found at  This is the Melodrama's most popular show of the season, and tickets are selling fast, so reserve now!  For information on show times and reservations, call the Melodrama Box Office at 489-2499.  The Great American Melodrama has been presenting professional family entertainment since 1975 at its location on Highway 1 in Oceano, three miles south of Pismo Beach.