Kiteboards Take Flight in Pismo Beach



Kite-flying brings the Banks family together at the end of Mary Poppins. But when "kite" and "Pismo" are spoken in the same sentence, every extreme water sports enthusiast knows kiteboarding is the topic du jour.

Kiteboarding Thrill-seekers Unite in Pismo Beach

The Pismo Beach KiteXPO is the largest kiteboarding event in the United States and this year will take place on April 12-14. SUP and kite demos will take place all three days from 9am to 5pm on Pismo Beach. On April 13, there will be a Hawaiian-style BBQ courtesy of Maui Mike and the Lujan family, followed by a beach bonfire and music. Participating vendors include: Airush, Best, Liquid Force, Litewave Designs, RRD, Axis Kiteboarding, Mystic, DaKine, ASV Performance/Keyan Kiteboarding, and North.

Veterans and newbies alike can dip their toes into the kiteboarding pool and the opportunity to test all the newest kites and boards. There is an established trainer kite area for folks interested in getting into the sport and a pro-rider clinic in the works. A new event layout adds a buffer zone on either side of every two brands on display to allow for comfortable launching and landing room. Industry experts will also be on hand at the 11th Annual XtremeBigAir's KiteXPO to offer the 411 on new technology and techniques, when it comes to this growing sport. Raffles and fundraisers are a popular part of the KiteXPO, enabling people to take a chance at winning custom kiteboards, wave kites, kitesurfing holidays, and more.

What's In a Kiteboard

There's nothing innocent or quaint about kiteboarding. Also known as kitesurfing, kiteboarding is an extreme sport; requiring riders to harness the power of the wind to control their kites as they propel them across the water. The controlled flying aspect is one of the sport's biggest draws, and it's when seasoned kiteboarders perform their boldest tricks and jumps.

This isn't to say neophytes should keep their distance. Everyone has to start somewhere, even with kiteboarding. Kiteboards are similar to small surfboards or wakeboards and the sport itself is a conglomeration of surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, and paragliding. While kiteboarding may lure in people of a bold nature, every experienced kitesurfer knows that if you don't conquer the sport, it will conquer you - and that means plenty of practice, care, and safety, in order to avoid injuries and still enjoy this adrenaline-boosting sport.

Give Your Sails a Rest

You'll need a Pismo Beach hotel to park your kiteboard for the night after a day's worth of air-catching and wave-surfing. The SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel has direct beach access so you can allow your gentler side to admire the ocean waves at night or indulge your predawn daredevil before you hit the KiteXPO again. The spring winds have kicked in - don't miss the killer weather and waves on the Central Coast.