In a world where it seems there are fewer and fewer things you can count on, the series of lakeside barbecues in Atascadero every summer is a welcome "constant." Where else can you grab a great beef or chicken dinner than lounge on the lawn while the community band plays a concerts? This is REALLY Mayberry, RFD living, folks. You can even purchase beer and wine. Got kids? They've got a cool playground and a zoo!

It gets better. Each Tuesday night the barbecues at the lake are presented by the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce and benefit a different non-profit service organization. Profits get plowed back into the community. Who cooks? The Elks Lodge, and folks, the know their stuff. If you're in town during the week you're sure to be approached by someone who wants to sell you tickets. Don't worry. You don't have to decided until Tuesday, because you can just walk up at the event and buy your tickets.

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