David Thayer and Daniel Arbogast of Aspect Studios in San Luis Obispo are developing brand new technology for the world of independent film making. Their product, the Lenzhound, is a super-affordable wireless follow focus system designed for independent filmmakers, consisting of a handheld remote transmitter unit and a motor/receiver unit which attaches to the user’s DSLR or video camera. The Lenzhound System offers a flexible, wireless and user-friendly method of extending lens control to an assistant camera operator or “focus puller” enabling professional, cinematic filmmaking.

Indie filmmakers find it hard to afford the standby Hollywood-style wireless follow focus solutions so they often go without. It's an essential tool for next-level film making so David and Daniel began building their own - with the independent film makers' (usually rather thin) wallet in mind.

David and Daniel have created a prototype of the Lenzhound and are currently looking for support to put the Lenzhound into full production. To learn more about the project, please visit http://kck.st/IiyZme.