Margarita Adventures Zipline Tours

At Margarita Adventures, we offer a uniquely thrilling perspective on a true California landmark-the historic Santa Margarita Ranch.

Here, you will embark on four distinct ziplines spanning more than 3,000 total feet, starting with an epic valley crossing and finishing with forested vineyard views. Along the way, you will learn about Santa Margarita Ranch's sustainable winegrowing practices, remarkable natural features and unique history as part of California's famed Mission Trail. The tours conclude with a complimentary wine tasting at our affiliated Ancient Peaks Winery tasting room in Santa Margarita.

The first zipline, the Renegade, departs from a looming hillcrest and soars 1,300 feet across a grassy valley into an awaiting oak forest along a rugged flank of the Santa Lucia Mountains. The Woodlander travels 800 feet over the majestic canopies of native blue and white oak trees. Next, the Hilltopper emerges from the oaks and pines for a 500-foot thrill ride. Finally, the Archway descends 800 feet back into the forest and under a natural archway of companion oaks before emerging to a wide-open panorama of vineyards and mountains.

Santa Margarita Ranch is one of California's oldest continuously operated cattle ranches and has been producing award-winning wines for 10 years. The area occupied by Santa Margarita Ranch was home to indigenous peoples for more than 10,000 years. In the early 1770s, the ranch became part of California's Mission Trail, culminating with the formal recognition of Santa Margarita de Cortona as a sub-mission in 1787.

Sustainable ranching and viticultural practices on the ranch have fostered the restoration of native grasses and trees while nurturing the surrounding environment. The ranch's shifting elevations and soils promote a wide range of flora spanning perennial grasslands, blue oak woodlands, chamise chaparral, emergent wetlands and other plant communities. Frequent wildlife sightings include deer, wild turkeys, wild boar, foxes, hawks and falcons. Bears, bobcats, mountain lions, eagles and rattlesnakes also inhabit the land, but more inconspicuously.

At a spot called Oyster Ridge, a visible abundance of petrified oysters testifies to the land's origins as an uplifted sea bed. In total, the ranch spans five distinct soil types- ancient sea bed, sedimentary, shale, volcanic and granitic-that bring natural complexity and quality to the wines of Ancient Peaks, as you will discover at the end of your tour.

Join us today for a soaring taste of California history, nature, wine and adventure. Please call to book your reservation today (805) 438-3120.

Tickets: $99 per person
PROMO: $20 OFF Zipline rides booked on Thursday's and Friday's thru July 31st 2012, some limits may apply. Reservations available by phone (805) 438-3120

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