Atascadero - Galaxy Construction1

They're not just movies anymore. Nowadays folks want high-def sound and 3-D pictures.

And, by the way, can we put the Super Bowl or even the local high school football team up on the big screen? How about the Emmys? The Oscars? The Opera? The answer is "yes" but only in Atascadero.

Early next year the City of Atascadero will boast the most technologically advanced movie theaters in San Luis Obispo County when the 10-screen Galaxy Theater complex opens in the new Colony Square Center at the completely re-constructed intersection of Highways 101 and 41.

The Galaxy Theater complex will feature all-digital projection, high quality audio and 3D capability. Basically, that means any digital source, from a blockbuster feature film to the PowerPoint presentation on your laptop can be displayed on the big screen.

That's not all! Galaxy is expanding the definition of entertainment with the addition of two VIP screening rooms, where audiences may enjoy wine and beer as part of their experience. (VIP rooms will require separate ticketing and will be "over 21" only. Alcoholic beverages will NOT be served at the snack bar.)

Colony Square developers and Galaxy representatives expect to attract about 400,000 people per year to the new entertainment center, making Atascadero the new "in" place to spend an evening starting in 2011. It will also be a high-tech platform for business conferences and classes-by-video.

See local leaders talk about the arrival of a Galaxy of entertainment in Atascadero CA!

For more information browse to or call 462-0177.