National Marine Sanctuary Night at the Hearst Castle Theater

By Kaylinda Mabry, Visit San Luis Obispo County

Hearst Castle Theater Presents National Marine Sanctuary Night! The theater will be screening two films, Ocean Frontiers: A New Era in Ocean Stewardship and One Breath. Each film examines some portion of the recent successes seen in marine conservation work in the Central Coast area and around the country. As an Environmental Policy major with a particular love for the oceans I am thrilled that varied stakeholders are working together for the benefit of all. The overall success of these ocean conservation and protection programs as shown in the two films is very exciting!

The organization sponsoring the Hearst Castle film screenings, The Coastal Discovery Center, is a collaboration between Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and California State Parks that offers interactive exhibits and educational programs to highlight the history and natural heritage of the San Simeon and Central Coast marine ecosystems. The center works to encourage the kinds of programs highlighted in the films here in our backyard!

Ocean Frontiers examines the new ways in which varied stakeholders – fisherman, scientists, farmers, governments, citizens, and local communities – are working together to manage ocean and coastal areas sustainably and to preserve traditional usage and maintain the stability of communities that depend on ocean resources. The film focuses on the development of farsighted strategies for eco-system based management, the “common-sense approach to preserving life... backed by science and based on the needs of the human community in balance with that of its ecological provider, the sea.”

One Breath, a film by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Marine Sanctuary, explores the areas around Monterey and South along the Central Coast to bring the general vision of Ocean Frontiers into a local perspective. Offering epic shots of the beautiful coastal scenery we often take for granted, the film offers a lesson in how historical overuse of our resources has previously lead to their demise and the subsequent suffering of the community that depends on them for jobs and income.

Since the formation of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary in 1992 we have seen the resurgence of animals thought to be extinct and the resurrection of the landscape that nourishes them and us.

“Like other animals it is our nature to take what we can when the opportunity presents itself. If we learn from the past we can use our experience to temper our nature and create places where wildlife and humans can co-exist.”
 - Narrator, One Breath.

Want to learn more? Attend the National Marine Sanctuary Night by clicking here.