Curtains Poster

As season ticket holders to the PCPA in Santa Maria, my wife and I enjoyed "Curtains". (Santa Maria is just 30 minutes south of the city of SLO, and even closer to Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande.)

This was a Tony-award winning musical comedy on Broadway just a few years ago. It was a fun afternoon (we like going to the Saturday matinee).

As usual, professional actors play the key roles, and the rest of the large cast is filled with the top students of their acting school. And as usual, all did a great job. I didn't know anything about the play beforehand. The format is a play within a play. (Think "Kiss Me Kate".)

The play opens as the leading lady is mangling her role in a new play "Robbin Hood". She promptly dies under suspicious circumstances. (I love one of the lines in the song the cast sings to commemorate her "The angels closed her mouth / and sent her south." ) The police detective brought in to solve the case turns out to be an actor / director wannabe. Delightful acting, singing and dancing ensue.  

The closing song warns the audience not to reveal the ending. So you're gonna hafta see it for yourself!