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POP Goes the Winemaker at Earth Day Food & Wine

Sooooo, there’s a cool little thing we’ve dubbed the “SIP Pop Up Bar” that will be springing up at this year’s Earth Day Food & Wine. No, it’s not an environmentally friendly version of Whack-a-Mole … though that gives us some ideas.

This kind of pop up involves some very special winemakers popping corks on some of their extremely limited production wines, but you’ve got to PAY ATTENTION, PEOPLE. Every hour, only one winemaker at a time will be featured at the SIP Pop Up Bar, and when their wine is gone, it’s gone!

Gone. Period. No do-overs. No finding their event booths because they don’t have one. These winemakers are only going to be pouring at the SIP Pop Up Bar.

In addition to sipping wines made from SIP® Certified vineyards, you’ll also get the chance to talk with the winemakers themselves. You can geek out all you want and ask about their cover cropping, use of owls in the vineyard, barrel programs, punch down schedules, cool climate Pinot versus warm climate Pinot – you name it.

So, who are the winemakers who will be popping up at Earth Day Food & Wine? Well, get ready for some selfies with none other than Matt Brain of Baker & Brain, Colby Parker-Garcia of El Lugar Wines, and Luciana Souza Alves of J. Wilkes.

Yup. Brain, Parker-Garcia, and Alves in da Earth Day Food & Wine House!

Mic drop.

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About Earth Day Food & Wine

Nestled under the oaks at Castoro Cellars in Paso Robles, California on April 23, premiere entry begins at 1pm, with general admission at 2pm. Wear your boots, wear your flip-flops. Relax at VIP tables, or enjoy yourself picnic style. Event proceeds benefit educational scholarships for relatives of farmworkers and Spanish education programs of the Vineyard Team.

Oh, and tell your friends on Facebook. It’s the people that make this event a smashing success.

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