There are many reasons to practice responsible tasting: upholding your dignity, showing your class and taking the opportunity to fully experience and understand each wine you enjoy from your first taste to your very last.

The Four S's of responsible tasting is great method to use - Swirl, Smell, Sip, Spit

Swirl - this is trickiest of the four, getting a little too vigorous with your swirl means getting wine everywhere. The swirl allows you to open the wine to the air bringing out its best.

Smell - Feel free to allow your nose to jump right into the experience, you will see many tasters stick their nose right into the glass in order to absorb all that the wine has to offer.

Sip - And now the wine is ready to taste. Feel free to let the wine acquaint itself with your mouth for a few seconds while you notice the textures and tastes. And then...

Spit - This often feels a little unnatural, but in order to taste responsibly and respectably spit your wine into the provided cup or one of the nearby dump buckets.

Using the Four S's leaves you free to taste every wine that perks your interest and truly recognize what each wine has to offer down to the very last one.