Romantic Getaways, San Luis Obispo Style

By Myraline Morris Whitaker, SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel

The Central Coast of California is a vision of beautiful beaches, spectacular sunsets, fabulous food, wondrous wine, and amazing adventures. And nestled among it all is the beautiful County of San Luis Obispo. Well known for its beach towns and wine country complemented by some of the best hotels, resorts, and fine dining, San Luis Obispo sets the mood for the most romantic of getaways no matter what your vision of romance might be.

Fine dining, fine wine

Are you a fine-food paired with fine-wine kind of couple? You will find some of the most amazing fine dining, from coastal fusion to global cuisine and more, here on the Central Coast. From San Luis Obispo to Pismo Beach you can indulge in some of the most delectable food and exquisite wines while taking in world class views that will leave you in awe from the impeccable ambiance.

Try Novo Restaurant and Lounge for “an iconic dining experience in the heart of downtown” San Luis Obispo. A patio creek setting, intimate bar lounge and downstairs cellar all create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic evening.

Then, take the 101 south to the beach town of Avila Beach where you will discover Old Custom House and its world of charm and casual elegance. The pier and ocean views are stunning and create a warm and intimate atmosphere for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Continuing down the coast to Pismo Beach, you can indulge in coastal fusion cuisine served up with dramatic coastal views at Ventana Grill. You will not be disappointed as you experience the ambiance of a lifetime with food and a sunset you will be raving about for days. Bring in your own bottle of wine purchased from any of the local wineries and the corkage fee will be waived.

All three restaurants will complement your cuisine with world class wine specifically selected with a variety of palettes in mind so you are sure to find the perfect fit.

If you prefer to get outside for a romantic afternoon instead of a sit down meal, there are numerous wineries you can visit that will provide the most romantic of settings for an afternoon picnic. Visit SLO Wine Country for a complete list of wineries and find the perfect fit for your next romantic outing.

Outdoor adventures last a lifetime

Are you the couple that enjoys an afternoon filled with capturing the best of the outdoors? San Luis Obispo offers an array of outdoor adventures from riding horses to kayaking in the Pacific Ocean, but one of the most popular outdoor activities involves the numerous hiking trails that can be found around the County.

Some of the most romantic hiking trails explore the coast neighboring Pismo Beach, from Shell Beach to Avila Beach, and include difficulties ranging from very easy to quite extreme. The first trail, Shell Beach Bluff is easily accessed, paved and wheelchair-friendly. Take in views of the Pacific Ocean on this gorgeous trail that overlooks the picturesque cove, Cave Landing.

The second trail, Ontario Ridge, offers a fairly intense hike that captures some of the most magnificent coastal views from a 700-foot hill above the bluff. Take in views of Pismo Beach to the southeast which includes views of the sand dunes to Point Sal. Then, take a peak to the west and take in Avila Beach and San Luis Harbor.

Combine the Shell Beach Bluff Trail and Ontario Ridge to create a 2.8-mile loop with a 675 foot gain in elevation. The views will leave you breathless and create an experience you and your partner are sure to cherish for years to come. If you are still looking for more adventure, explore the nearby Pirate’s Cave, a natural tunnel that can be explored with an easy half mile hike down Cave Landing.

Rest and relaxation is better together

Are you the rest and relaxation type of couple? Soak up the bubbles in a hot tub together or get pampered with massages and spa treatments at some of the Central Coast’s best facilities focused on relaxation and rejuvenation.

Pismo Beach’s SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel offers a great venue for relaxation and romance. A heated pool, three outdoor hot tubs, full ocean views, and direct beach access provide the perfect location for the most amazing afternoon and evening. For the ultimate in luxury, indulge in an invigorating spa tub with ocean views from the privacy of your guest room.

No matter what style of romance you and your partner embrace, San Luis Obispo County offers you the best choices for a delightful afternoon or intimate evening where you are sure to make memories that will last a lifetime.

About the Author:

Myraline Morris Whitaker is president of Central Coast of California Hospitality. She leads marketing and operations of the iconic Pismo Beach SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel, located with direct beach access on the Pismo Bluffs. Visit for details and reservations.