Recently, a study was released about the happiest places in the world. For America, the happiest place was right here in San Luis Obispo. Because I have been a resident for four years, that statement did not surprise me that much, although it was exciting, even Oprah had it on her show! There is just no way to live here without being happy. The weather is always mild; there is so much open space all around that you do not feel locked in by concrete. Also, because there are a lot of self employed people in San Luis Obispo, people have ownership of their work experience and they are doing what they love. The downtown San Luis Obispo area always makes me happy because of its wide sidewalks and unique stores. I also love that there is no smoking in public areas in all of San Luis Obispo; it makes the air so clean and pure. Another one of my favorite things about San Luis Obispo is all of the hiking trails!! I have written about them before and I could write about them all day! There are so many trails just in the city alone that I have still never hiked all of them, let alone the amount of trails there are in the rest of the county!! One really unique thing about San Luis Obispo is that there are no drive-thrus at all in town. We have some fast food restaurants but there just are not any drive-thrus. All in all, the people who live in this amazing city are just happy! There are so many unique things about the city and the county as a whole that are unlike any area in the United States. There is the perfect blend of beach, mountains and everything in between. Words do not do the city and county justice, it is something you have to see and experience to get the full effect of how amazing the area is. A perfect way to do that is to attend Savor the Central Coast happening September 29th through October 2nd, 2011. It is an event where you can tour, sip and savor your way through the best of the San Luis Obispo County region. It is the perfect event to get a feel of how exciting and beautiful the whole county is. I have a smile on my face just thinking about all of the fun things to do in San Luis Obispo and how fun Savor the Central Coast was last year! I can't wait to explore more of San Luis Obispo County and I am so looking forward to the Savor event this year!